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  1. David,

    We really don’t speak about our personal life. We just like to make videos of the things we love and collect. Our personal lives are just that…personal.

    And that’s great that you turned your business into something great. What a great turnaround from the buyout that you hade with your partner.

    Please note we did reply to one of you comments about checking out one of your videos. We really don’t comment on other’s videos. And trust and believe we are very secure with ourselves. If we were not, then we wouldn’t upload the videos to the public. to begin with.

  2. Good day! I just have some questions. Uhmmm do you sell some of your fashion royalty dolls? Or could you suggest where I can buy one cause I am dying to start collecting it. I came from Philippines and I have seen none of them here. Thank you so much. And wait! I sooooo LOVE your videos”

    • Hello. We do not sell our Fashion Royalty dolls. You can look on eBay to buy dolls. Sometimes you can find dolls that are cheap. And thank you for the compliment! 😄

    • Hello! We do not sell our dolls you can buy Fashion Royalty dolls on eBay. You can find them cheaper sometimes. And thank you for the compliment. 😄


  4. Xiomara Rosemond

    Hi. I didn’t see any review on Nadja or Adele on YouTube.

  5. Hey Guys!

    Love your videos and your sassy personality!

    Im just starting to get into OAK dolls and was wondering what kind of art materials you used for face ups since you mentioned that you have done them before.

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