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Shibajuku Girls Shizuka Review

Today we review a doll from a new toy line making it’s way to the United States (Already released in Australia) called Shibajuku Girls. The doll is called Shizuka.
Now we have to say we really like this doll and want to get the rest from the line. The dolls are exclusive to Toys R Us, so head there and grab yours today!! They should be hitting store shelves now!

Here’s the review of Shizuka

So what are your thoughts? Are you planning on getting her? Do you want any from the first wave? Let us know.


Dynamite Girls: Love Revolition – Natural Beauty Tooka Doll Review

This is the review for the new character in the Dynamite Girls line…Tooka. This doll is amazing. Her hair is SO soft and by far has the best “natural look” hairstyle that we’ve seen. Integrity Toys has given her so thought. She is using the “Sooki” head sculpt and is limited to 300 worldwide.

Here’s the review:

Now we did straighten her hair (see the pics on our Flickr page:  and redressed her along with the others in the collection. And now she looks totally different.

So what are you thoughts on this doll? Is she part of your collection and if not, are you planning on getting her? Let us know in the comments.