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Classic Black Dress Silkstone Barbie Review

Today we review the brand new poseable Silkstone Barbie by Mattel. While we really do like the cleaner look of her makeup screening and dress, but we do not like the new body type.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Are you going to order this doll? What do you hope to see in this year’s collection? What do you think about the Giveaway surprise? Yes we are starting giveaways this year. Stay tuned for more giveaways of Barbie, Integrity Toys, anime and more!


Dulcissima™ Barbie® Doll Review

Today we review the Barbie Silkstone Dulcissima doll. This doll is designed by Robert Best., who does all of the Silkstone dolls. She released on April 1st and is one of the most requested dolls for us to review this month since she has been sneaked.

Personally we like the boots a lot! The outfit has snaps instead of Velcro, which is great considering it would have taken away from this doll. This doll have quite a few layers to her clothes (must be cold in Italy) so the dolls seems heavier than other Silkstone dolls. Dulcissima has lower eyebrows which is different from the normal arched or “snatched” face Silkstone dolls have. This is a great this to have variety in the Silkstone doll since they use the same face sculpt.

Here’s Elio’s review:

So what are your thoughts? Could this doll be more “severe” in her overall look? Are you excited for the next Silkstone in the wedding dress (head over to our Facebook page to see the pic: coming soon? What other dolls would you like to see review? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂