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Anohana – Menma (PVC) Re-release Review

Today we review the re-release PVC figure from the anime “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”. This is Menma, and she is a perfect figure and we highly recommend getting her (and watching the anime as well!).
Here’s the review:
So what are your thoughts? Do you like this figure? Have you seen the anime? Let us know.

Classic Black Dress Silkstone Barbie Review

Today we review the brand new poseable Silkstone Barbie by Mattel. While we really do like the cleaner look of her makeup screening and dress, but we do not like the new body type.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Are you going to order this doll? What do you hope to see in this year’s collection? What do you think about the Giveaway surprise? Yes we are starting giveaways this year. Stay tuned for more giveaways of Barbie, Integrity Toys, anime and more!

Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Review

Today we review one of the Grail dolls from Barbie... and that is no other than Marie Antoinette! This doll is exquisite and a must get. From her over the top gown, perfect jewelry, and on point hair, we think she is a key doll in every collector’s collection.

Here’s the review: https:

So what are your thoughts? Do you own this doll? Is she worth it to you? What is you “Grail” doll from Barbie? Let us know.

Fashion Royalty Aristocratic Agnes Doll Review

Today we review the “Aristocratic” Agnes doll from Integrity Toys. She was the upgrade doll for this year’s membership.

We love this doll and her makeup screening, but we are not fond of her dress. It’s not something that we will add to our collection. He do like her earrings, even though we call them bowls on ears lol. The extra “black hands” are a nice touch to the overall look.


Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Did you order her from Integrity or second hand market? Did you like her dress? Let us know in the comments.

Iplehouse Carved Heritage Isis Review

Hey everyone, today we review the Iplehouse “Carved Heritage: Isis doll. We must say that this doll is simply a perfect addition to any doll collector’s collection.

We ordered the full package of Isis, which comes with great accessories,  astounding gown, beautifully made cape, detailed arm bands and gauntlets and jewelry that is both stunning and soft. And as a bonus for ordering the full package, she come with the scarab beetle pendant as seen in the review).

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Do you think this doll is worth the price? What Iplehouse dolls do you like and own? Let us know.