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Shibajuku Girls Shizuka Review

Today we review a doll from a new toy line making it’s way to the United States (Already released in Australia) called Shibajuku Girls. The doll is called Shizuka.
Now we have to say we really like this doll and want to get the rest from the line. The dolls are exclusive to Toys R Us, so head there and grab yours today!! They should be hitting store shelves now!

Here’s the review of Shizuka

So what are your thoughts? Are you planning on getting her? Do you want any from the first wave? Let us know.


Fan Bingbing Barbie Doll Review

Today we review the Asian Market Exclusive Barbie Collector Doll….Fan Bingbing! This is China’s superstar made into a 12 inch doll by Mattel. Fan BIngbing has done it all, from acting, modeling and even singing, so why shouldn’t Mattel make a doll of her?

Fan is stunning in the recreation of the Dragon Robe mermaid gown she wore on the red carpet by the fashion designer Laurence Xu . This doll does not come with any jewelry, which would have been nice for her to have the same jewelry she was wearing in real life. But other than that…this doll is perfect.

Here’s Elio’s review:

So what are you thoughts, do you think the doll should have come with the jewelry that Fan was wearing on the red carpet? Or is she fine the way she is? Do you think Mattel should have released the doll worldwide? What other Asian celebrity dolls you think Mattel should make (Michelle Yeoh….*fingers crossed*) Let us know you thoughts below.

Please note this doll is only sold in the Asian market. the only way to get her is to buy her on eBay or if you know someone on Asia. So happy hunting! 🙂