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Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Review

Today we review one of the Grail dolls from Barbie... and that is no other than Marie Antoinette! This doll is exquisite and a must get. From her over the top gown, perfect jewelry, and on point hair, we think she is a key doll in every collector’s collection.

Here’s the review: https:

So what are your thoughts? Do you own this doll? Is she worth it to you? What is you “Grail” doll from Barbie? Let us know.


Elio’s How To: Straighten Doll Hair With A Flat Iron

So I received a lot of questions about how I get my doll’s hair so silky smooth and straight. I tell them I don’t reroot or boil perm them, I use a flat iron only. Boy are they shocked when they hear that! A few people say that I’m lying and there’s no way to do this without damaging the doll’s hair…so today I hear to show you all a video I made last month and added it to YouTube.

This video is a detailed tutorial on how to straighten the hair. Remember to always test this trick on a cheap playline doll that you don’t care about. Never test it on a collector doll!

So tell me what do you think. Would you like to see more tutorials on how to style dolls hair? What doll do you want to straighten? Comments are always welcome! 😉