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She-ra Barbie Coming Soon!

Today on, they released sneaks of their upcoming She-ra Barbie doll. We have to say, we are super excited as there has never been a She-ra doll before. 

Here’s the sneaks:

She will be released during San Diego Comic Con later this year at the mattycollector booth. 

So what are you thoughts? Are you going to try and get her? Let us know in the comments. 


New Star Trek Dolls and Mattel’s Controversy 

Here’s a picture of the new Star Trek dolls.  Now due to the image, Mattel decided to ban a doll blogger (Papusile Mele) stating that she is in violation of using the photos, which in turn got her banned from Facebook for 3 days. But here’s the thing, they got the photos from the Internet. 


We are appalled on how Mattel is acting towards collectors only source of information due to the fact that Mattel never releases any time of information on their own product. 

So we here at Mike and Elio stand by Papusile Mele’s side, we must stick together and use the hashtag #WarOnCollectors to prove to Mattel that we matter and that they should not go after the people that help them make money. 

What are your thoughts!? Do you think Mattel is wrong? Let us know in the comment. 

Classic Black Dress Silkstone Barbie Review

Today we review the brand new poseable Silkstone Barbie by Mattel. While we really do like the cleaner look of her makeup screening and dress, but we do not like the new body type.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Are you going to order this doll? What do you hope to see in this year’s collection? What do you think about the Giveaway surprise? Yes we are starting giveaways this year. Stay tuned for more giveaways of Barbie, Integrity Toys, anime and more!

Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Review

Today we review one of the Grail dolls from Barbie... and that is no other than Marie Antoinette! This doll is exquisite and a must get. From her over the top gown, perfect jewelry, and on point hair, we think she is a key doll in every collector’s collection.

Here’s the review: https:

So what are your thoughts? Do you own this doll? Is she worth it to you? What is you “Grail” doll from Barbie? Let us know.

Queen Of The Dark Forest Barbie Doll Review

Hey everyone, today we review the new ‪#‎Doll‬ from the Faraway Forest by Barbie Collector. This doll is called “Queen of the Dark Forest”. She is a great addition to any collector’s doll collection. We love her accessories. The con for us would be her shoes…they appear to be too much for this doll as you can’t see the shoes unless you lift up her outfit. The fabric is soft and a welcoming change, however she looks slightly pudgy due to design and th 2nd layer of fabric under the skirt.

Here’s the review:

So what are you thoughts? Do you like this doll? Which doll from the map are you excited for? Let us know! smile emoticon

Global Glamour Mutya Barbie Doll Review

Today we review the 3rd doll in the Global Glamour series, the Mutya Barbie Doll by Mattel. This is the first high end Filipino doll. She was designed by Carlyle Nuera, who is new to designing the Barbie Collector line for Mattel.

We do have two major issues right when we see her. Her makeup is too heavy and her eyes are too big. The eyes are very animated looking and are even painted larger than the eye socket mold. While we are happy to see the Kira sculpt used, the eye screening doesn’t fit it. Other than that, the doll is very well made and doesn’t have any glue in the head at all.

Here’s the Review:

So what are you thoughts? Do you like the Mutya doll? Do you plan on getting her? What doll would you like to have seen? Let us know in the comments below.

Faraway Forest Elf Barbie Doll Review

Today we take a look at a doll from the new Barbie Collector Fantasy series: The Faraway Forest Elf Doll. This doll is stunning and is much needed in from Mattel as they have not had something that is THIS good. This doll is very detailed, from her armlets that look like they are made out of vines, to the faux velvet cloak, and even the detailed staff with the amethyst crystal.

Here’s the review:

As Elio mentioned in the video, this type of quality and styling from Mattel has not been seen since the Medusa days. And to top it off….no glue in the head, whoot! This is a must buy for any collector (we also have another one of her in the box…she’s that nice) so get her while she is available. There’s no more than 4,400 made of her. So if this is the start or “guide” as Bill Greening stated, we can’t wait to see what the next doll is in the collection. Here’s hoping they make a doll for every part of the map (picture of the map are posted on our Facebook).

So what are you thoughts? Do like this doll? Which part of the map would you like Mattel to go with next? Let us know in the comments below!

Elio’s How To: Recreate Fan Bingbing Barbie Hairstyle

Some people requested to know how Elio restyled the Barbie Mattel Fan Bingbing doll’s hair to look like how the actress had at the red carpet. Well, as requested this video was made for you. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to recreate that exact style.

So what do you think? What dolls are you going to try this doll on? Let us know in the comments below.

Elio’s How To: Curl Doll Hair

Many have asked how Elio curl his doll hair. Some people don’t know he uses a hair dryer. Well here’s the video on how he gets his doll’s hair curly.

No, Elio doesn’t do the “boil perm” as he feels that it damages the hair. Most people have to cut some hair after the boiling.

So what do you think? What other styling would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Dulcissima™ Barbie® Doll Review

Today we review the Barbie Silkstone Dulcissima doll. This doll is designed by Robert Best., who does all of the Silkstone dolls. She released on April 1st and is one of the most requested dolls for us to review this month since she has been sneaked.

Personally we like the boots a lot! The outfit has snaps instead of Velcro, which is great considering it would have taken away from this doll. This doll have quite a few layers to her clothes (must be cold in Italy) so the dolls seems heavier than other Silkstone dolls. Dulcissima has lower eyebrows which is different from the normal arched or “snatched” face Silkstone dolls have. This is a great this to have variety in the Silkstone doll since they use the same face sculpt.

Here’s Elio’s review:

So what are your thoughts? Could this doll be more “severe” in her overall look? Are you excited for the next Silkstone in the wedding dress (head over to our Facebook page to see the pic: coming soon? What other dolls would you like to see review? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂