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Integrity Toys Poppy Parker “Spring Song” Doll Review

Hey everyone, today we review the “Spring Song” Poppy Parker doll from Integrity Toys. This doll is extremely cute. We really do like her makeup screening and her hair color. She has a Goldilocks vibe to her, when is very welcoming in our opinion. Her blue floral sun dress is well made and also has a zipper in the back.

Here’s the review:

So what are you thoughts? Did you order this Poppy? Which one is your favorite from the collection? Let us know.


MIM: Make It Mine Doll Line Review

Hey everyone today we take a look at a new doll line: M.i.M. (Make it Mine). This line is great and can give American Girl dolls a run for their money. The dolls are poseable and have great outfits. They even have a Mermaid and Centaur attachment for extra fantasy fun!

Here’s the review:

They are also available at Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears:

So what are your thoughts? Do you find one interesting? What outfits would you like to see? Let us know… 🙂

Fashion Royalty – W Club Exclusive Rare Appearance Dania Doll Review

Hey everyone, today we review the 2014 W Club Exclusive Fashion Royalty “Rare Appearance” Dania Zarr. This doll is simply amazing. Her clothes are well made and contains a zipper in the back, the shoes are stunning and the jewelry is perfect.

What’s the bad thing about this doll? Her eyebrows…if they are that thick, then they should be more arched. But that is a personal preference, so it’s really not a bad thing. Also, Dania should have had an extra pair of hands that are not painted on gloves.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts? Did you get Dania? Would you have preferred her with a different hair color or skin tone? Let us know.