Fashion Royalty ITBE Audacious Doll Review

Next we review the new girl on the block…Finley Prince. She is one of the 6 dolls form the new Integrity Toys ITBE dolls. She was a lottery doll, so the only was to get a chance to win her was to be a member of the Wu Club. She’s limited to less than 500 and have the “FR Black” skin tone.

Now when Integrity Toys first previewed her, we were excited…a brand new face sculpt! And a pretty one as well. She kind of favors the Vanessa 3.0 sculpt, and that’s fine with us lol. Her corset is laced in the back, which is a VERY nice touch to this doll. And the purple color really compliments this doll, way to go Integrity!

We do hope they use this doll again in the near future as it is definitely a keeper. She should be in a tan to honey skin tones, we think it just works better! This doll is worth getting and we do recommend you all to try and obtain her.

Here’s the review:

So what are you thoughts? Do you like the new sculpt? What skin tone would you have preferred to see her in? Let us know in the comments.


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