Fashion Royalty High Visibility Agnes Doll Review

Today we review the WClub Unveiling Event exclusive doll, High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss from Integrity Toys. When we first saw this doll we thought she was pretty, although we did not like the makeup for the lip as it is not going with the sculpt of the lip. But we still say “We can get her, she’s pretty”.  But boy oh boy when we received her and opened her box….ugh. The smell of mildew made us both gagged. We were so worried that she was covered in mold. But when we opened her up we didn’t see anything.

Now as you know we do the deboxing in the review so you will see and hear the shock of Elio’s voice when he notices the mold 9which is on the back of the dress). You will even notice Elio’s voice changing as he is highly allergic to mold. This now makes the 6th doll with mold that were released this year. The other 5 dolls are SDCC Jem 2014, the Wclub upgrade Jem/Countess, the Wclub upgrade Vanessa, the Victoire Roux Sous Les Tropiques, and the Fashion Royalty City Prowl Eugenia.

This dolls hair is not done well either. She barley have any hair rooted and the cut is atrocious.  We see why Integrity advised not to take the hair down, because it’s jacked up!!! There are plenty of dolls with a similar style that are fully rooted (or better rooted that this one). Plenty of doll collectors buy dolls to redress and restyle sow we should be able to take het hair down if we want.

Here’s the review:

We are very disappointed at Integrity Toys for releasing crap products. At this point we are really thinking about slowing down on collecting their dolls as it seems to be a ongoing them of issues with them lately. As these dolls cost over $100USD this is not what we paid for. We do NOT recommend anyone getting this doll as it is not worth the amount you will pay for it (Secondary Market as well).

So what are you thoughts on this doll? Did you have any issues with yours? Do you think she should have had her lip painted differently? Let us know in the comments below.


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