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Faraway Forest Elf Barbie Doll Review

Today we take a look at a doll from the new Barbie Collector Fantasy series: The Faraway Forest Elf Doll. This doll is stunning and is much needed in from Mattel as they have not had something that is THIS good. This doll is very detailed, from her armlets that look like they are made out of vines, to the faux velvet cloak, and even the detailed staff with the amethyst crystal.

Here’s the review:

As Elio mentioned in the video, this type of quality and styling from Mattel has not been seen since the Medusa days. And to top it off….no glue in the head, whoot! This is a must buy for any collector (we also have another one of her in the box…she’s that nice) so get her while she is available. There’s no more than 4,400 made of her. So if this is the start or “guide” as Bill Greening stated, we can’t wait to see what the next doll is in the collection. Here’s hoping they make a doll for every part of the map (picture of the map are posted on our Facebook).

So what are you thoughts? Do like this doll? Which part of the map would you like Mattel to go with next? Let us know in the comments below!