Uta No Prince-sama Jinguji Ren and Hijirikawa Masato PVC Figure Review

Wow Alter has done it again! They released the newest set of PVC figures from the anime Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 1000%. Both Ren and Masato figures are 1/8 scale (about 9 inches tall) and they are very detailed. They both have interchangeable heads with different facial expressions.

These figures are exclusive to Japan, so a secondary market store (eBay) is where you need to get them now.

Here’s the Review for Ren:

And here’s the review for Masato:

It was announced that Alter will be releasing the last 2 characters (Natsuki Shinomiya and Syo Kurusu) from the group soon. No release date has been announce. So stay tuned as you we will let you all know when and where to preorder the last 2 figures.

What are you thought? Do you like the two figures? Are you hoping Alter makes more characters from the series? Let us know in the comments below


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  1. The both look good, I guess.

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