Fashion Royalty “A Touch of Frost” Eugenia Doll Review

Today we review the final club doll of 2013 from the Fashion Royalty line of Integrity Toys. This lovely doll is “A Touch of Frost” Eugenia Frost Perrin. She is a very pretty doll. She was a made to order doll and plenty of people wanted her. Her addition size is 1,130! Now I must say that this doll scared us with the first set of pics that were being posted. She went from a favorite to a project doll QUICK, with the messed up hair and cock-eyed look. But then we started to see more pics of her that looked really good, so we decided to save our final verdict (of keeping her) when she arrives. So happy we kept her.

Here’s the review:

There are only a couple of cons to this doll. The first con is her hair. There have been plenty of dolls from Integrity Toys that came with perfect hair, but this one did not. But the bright side of this was we were going to restyle her hair anyway (keep a lookout on our Flickr for pics). The second con is her nail polish. May someone who was painting the nails had a off day…it’s not that bad, but you only see the mistake (over painting) if you’re studying the doll.

Overall we really like Eugenia. She have a great facial screening, lovely dress, wonderful jewelry and the shoes are classy! We think this is definitely a buy.

What are your thoughts on Eugenia? Did you get her? Are you planning on restyling her? Let us know!


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