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Dynamite Girls: Love Revolution – Own The Moment Aria Doll Review

Today we take a look at Aria from the Love Revolution collection. She is Elio’s favorite doll out of the collection. We do like her summer dress she came with. Integrity Toys did a wonderful job on the face screening for Aira, she looks very mature!

Here’s the review:

We did redress and touched up her hair, which made her look more sassy, which is a good thing. Here’s the link to our Flickr:

So did any of you get her or was she a pass for you? Let us know in the comments below.


Dynamite Girls: Love Revolution – Free Spirit Jett Doll Review

Now we will talk about Jett. She is so cute and innocent looking in this collection. We do love her shoes and accessories…well her overall style is just nice lol. Integrity Toys made 400 of this doll so grab her if you can.

Here’s the review:

Now we redressed Jett and restyled her hair to our liking and collection. Here’s the link to our Flickr:

Now do you think she is nice? Did you get it or was she a pass for you? Let us know your thoughts.

Dynamite Girls: Love Revolution – Take It Easy Cruz Doll Review

Up next from the Love Revolution collection is Cruz. This doll is very well made. His sandals are a nice touch to the summer theme that Integrity Toys have going on. Cruz is using the Auden face sculpt. We do like the hair, but be warned, it is a MESS right out the box.

Here’s the review:

We did redress Cruz and fixed his hair. Here’s the link to some dressed pics:

So What do you think? Do you like his surfer hair? Do wish Integrity Toys made the hair shorter…or longer? Let us know in the comments below.

Dynamite Girls: Love Revolution – All American Auden Doll Review

Now we talk about Auden from the Love Revolution collection. He is definitely the all American guy! He’s very cute (is that weird to say that about a doll lol) and very well dressed for summer. His high top shoes are very well made, just be careful as we fear they can rip easily. Integrity Toys made 750 of Auden which is a good number, but it’s more than all the girls in this collection though.

Here’s the review:

We did not care too much for the styling of his hair as it was very peacock-ish. but with some restyling and you got yourself a great doll.

So did any of you get Auden? What are you thoughts? Let us know below.

Dynamite Girls: Love Revolition – Natural Beauty Tooka Doll Review

This is the review for the new character in the Dynamite Girls line…Tooka. This doll is amazing. Her hair is SO soft and by far has the best “natural look” hairstyle that we’ve seen. Integrity Toys has given her so thought. She is using the “Sooki” head sculpt and is limited to 300 worldwide.

Here’s the review:

Now we did straighten her hair (see the pics on our Flickr page:  and redressed her along with the others in the collection. And now she looks totally different.

So what are you thoughts on this doll? Is she part of your collection and if not, are you planning on getting her? Let us know in the comments.

Fashion Royalty “A Touch of Frost” Eugenia Doll Review

Today we review the final club doll of 2013 from the Fashion Royalty line of Integrity Toys. This lovely doll is “A Touch of Frost” Eugenia Frost Perrin. She is a very pretty doll. She was a made to order doll and plenty of people wanted her. Her addition size is 1,130! Now I must say that this doll scared us with the first set of pics that were being posted. She went from a favorite to a project doll QUICK, with the messed up hair and cock-eyed look. But then we started to see more pics of her that looked really good, so we decided to save our final verdict (of keeping her) when she arrives. So happy we kept her.

Here’s the review:

There are only a couple of cons to this doll. The first con is her hair. There have been plenty of dolls from Integrity Toys that came with perfect hair, but this one did not. But the bright side of this was we were going to restyle her hair anyway (keep a lookout on our Flickr for pics). The second con is her nail polish. May someone who was painting the nails had a off day…it’s not that bad, but you only see the mistake (over painting) if you’re studying the doll.

Overall we really like Eugenia. She have a great facial screening, lovely dress, wonderful jewelry and the shoes are classy! We think this is definitely a buy.

What are your thoughts on Eugenia? Did you get her? Are you planning on restyling her? Let us know!