Zuhair Murad Barbie Doll Review

Today we are taking a look at the new Zuhair Murad designer doll from Mattel. This doll is a beautiful doll. Her dress is better in person than in the prototype picture. It has a shine to the glitter on the gown. Her facial screening and hairstyle is very reminiscent of the Pinch of Platinum Barbie doll that Mattel released back in 2011. This is the same designer that did the Jennifer Lopez dress (in white….almost the same design) which a doll was also made.

There are a couple of flaws to this dolls, which are VERY small. We do wish the doll’s nails were painted. Yes, the prototype does not have any painted nails, but a French manicure can go a long way! And the other flaw is the glitter on the dress…it will get EVERWHERE!! Hope Mattel will figure out a way to have the glitter on some clothes without it coming off or getting everywhere. Other than those two things, this doll is a great buy for $75.00. Here’s the link to purchase her: http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/zuhair-murad-barbie-doll-bcp91

Here’s Elio’s review…

So what are your thoughts on the new doll? Is this a keeper? Would you prefer a her nails painted? Do you like her hair color? Let us know in the comments.

Mike and Elio


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