Fashion Royalty ITBE Wave #2 – Morning Dove Kyori Doll Review

Wave #2 of the Fashion Royalty ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) dolls are out. These dolls were lottery dolls and only 300 were made of all four dolls. The dolls were: Morning Dove Kyori, Red Strike Janay, Second Skin Vanessa and Night Strike Monogram. This review is of Kyori. We really love this doll, this is the 1st time to have Kyori this dark and boy she is nice. She has such a pacific Islander…Philippino look to her. We did not dress her in the outfit that she came in (take a look at our flickr photos to see her redressed and her hair straightened) as it wasn’t doing anything for her at our home.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts…do you like this version of Kyori? Who would you like to see next? Leave your comments below.

Up next is Red Strike Janay!


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  1. Love her! She is so beautiful and I also love the dark skin.

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