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Fashion Royalty ITBE Wave #2 – Second Skin Vanessa Doll Review

This doll was a major hit in the new wave of the Fashion Royalty ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) dolls. We have NEVER seen Vanessa in this skin tone. She looks simply amazing. Love her hair and her makeup screening nice. The pictures on Flickr do her no justice. One thing that’s a negative is the over drawn lip…it works for some people, but not us. Elio straightened her hair and redressed her (take a look at our Flickr) and she looks a heck of a lot better. This doll is not for the faint hearted, she will melt your heart and make you want to collect her.

Here’s Elio’s Review:

So is Vanessa a hit with you as well? Are you going to pass on this wave of dolls or are you going to get all of them? Let us know in the comments below.



Fashion Royalty ITBE Wave #2 – Red Strike Janay Doll Review

The next doll from Wave #2 of the Fashion Royalty ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) dolls is Red Stirke Jaynay. This is one of my (Mike) favorites out of this collection. I’m very happy that they used this face sculpt and it’s shocking that she is not getting as much love as the Monogram and Vanessa. I think IT (Integrity Toys) collectors have to think that this is a random doll/face sculpt that they threw in this wave for a reason. If she is received well, then Integrity will throw in more characters in the ITBE line. And I, for one, would LOVE to see some different versions and skin tones of other characters. This doll is so pretty, even Elio like her. The one down side is the dress, it’s not a pretty as it looks in the picture. Well take a look for yourself…

Here’s Elio’s review:

What do you think of Janay? Do you think this is the start to some other characters/face sculpts that are not seen often? Let us know in the comments.


Fashion Royalty ITBE Wave #2 – Morning Dove Kyori Doll Review

Wave #2 of the Fashion Royalty ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) dolls are out. These dolls were lottery dolls and only 300 were made of all four dolls. The dolls were: Morning Dove Kyori, Red Strike Janay, Second Skin Vanessa and Night Strike Monogram. This review is of Kyori. We really love this doll, this is the 1st time to have Kyori this dark and boy she is nice. She has such a pacific Islander…Philippino look to her. We did not dress her in the outfit that she came in (take a look at our flickr photos to see her redressed and her hair straightened) as it wasn’t doing anything for her at our home.

Here’s the review:

So what are your thoughts…do you like this version of Kyori? Who would you like to see next? Leave your comments below.

Up next is Red Strike Janay!

Glamour Wicked Witch of the West Barbie Doll Review


She’s wicked and green….she’s the Wicked Witch of the West. And she is pretty! This doll is made by Mattel and is the 2nd doll on the Wizard of Oz Glamour series (the 1st being Dorothy). Linda Kyaw did an amazing job on this doll. It was very hard for Elio to leave the witch in her outfit and put the outfit on someone else (yes, it’s that pretty).  The doll did not have her nails painted like in the prototype, which would have been great to have that little detailing, and the fit of the dress was a little loose. Elio had to tighten the dress on the witch’s body. Elio also restyled the hair to show more of it as the doll has the hair in a bun.

Here’s the review:

So what do you think the next doll in the series will be. Members on the Barbie Collector boards are speculating it to be Glenda the Good Witch with would be a good thing to do. Can we see the Witched Witch of the East make a guest appearance in the series? Here’s hoping!

Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero Review

She’s here!!! This is the Tamashii Nations Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero pvc figure. What’s different about the S.H. Figuarts and the Figuartz Zero is that the Zero figures are in a fixed pose. This is great if you are looking for a awesome signature action pose without the joints of the figure showing. We love this figure and cannot wait for the rest of the sailor scouts to release. We already seen a few pictures of Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury (pictures are on our facebook: and and they look amazing. Only complaint about this figure is the base, It should have been a solid color and not transparent where you can see the connection of the pieces. Other than that, nothing else is bad.

Here’s the video:

So what do you think Sailor Mars and Jupiter will look like? It would be awesome to see Mars doing the Celestial Fire and Jupiter doing the Thunder Clap or Supreme Thunder move. Here’s hoping they continue to do all of the sailor scouts!

Jem and the Holograms: Carmen “Raya” Alonso Doll Review

Here is one of Mike’s favorite Jem characters from Jem…Raya!! This doll is the final addition to the Holograms band. She comes with a awesome drum set and is dressed how she first appeared in season 2! The hair came perfect, no restyling was needed. I didn’t like the clothes too much as they felt cheap (kinda like Jetta’s clothes). I get the “windbreaker” material that they were going for, but in my opinion…not the best. Overall, she is a great doll and I’m excited to see what other characters Integrity will released in the future (I’m looking at you Dance!!)

Here’s the video:

So what do you think? Do you like the drum set that Raya came with? Was it easy to put together? Let us know!


Jem and the Holograms: Sheila “Jetta” Burns Doll Review

So now we review Jetta, the last addition to the Misfits. This doll is really pretty in the face. I love her instrument that she comes with. And it looks like it was painted with black chrome! Now I must say out of all 3 dolls released in this wave, she was my least favorite. Her hair was a mess (see it in the video) and her clothes feel really cheap! Once I restyle her hair, she will be perfect!

Here’s the video

So what do you think? How did your Jetta’s hair come, was it as messy as mine? Do you think the clothes were cheaply made as well? Let us know.




Jem and the Holograms: Astral Eldrich Doll Review

So today I will be reviewing Astral Eldrich from the newest wave of the Jem and the Holograms dolls. I absolutely love this doll out of the 3 dolls that were released. Astral’s hair is so different (color wise) and her overall look is just wonderful. She looks as if she can be a stand alone doll from Integrity Toys. My only gripe about this doll is the jacket. It appears to be cheaply made in my opinion.  Other than that, everything is fine with her. I did wash her hair after I did the review (take a look at the Flickr and Instagram pics) and she looks a lot better than the way she came.

More details in the video:

So what are your thoughts on Astral? Is she a hit or miss? Who would you have liked to have seen in this wave and who do you hope is in the next wave? Comment are always welcome!

Coming up next is Jetta!

Elio’s How To: Straighten Doll Hair With A Flat Iron

So I received a lot of questions about how I get my doll’s hair so silky smooth and straight. I tell them I don’t reroot or boil perm them, I use a flat iron only. Boy are they shocked when they hear that! A few people say that I’m lying and there’s no way to do this without damaging the doll’s hair…so today I hear to show you all a video I made last month and added it to YouTube.

This video is a detailed tutorial on how to straighten the hair. Remember to always test this trick on a cheap playline doll that you don’t care about. Never test it on a collector doll!

So tell me what do you think. Would you like to see more tutorials on how to style dolls hair? What doll do you want to straighten? Comments are always welcome! 😉