Barbie Collector’s Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Doll Review

Bob Mackie has done it again! Now THIS is the way to end the Bob Mackie series….this doll is just amazingly beautiful. Now this doll was supposed to be released last year, however the wait was worth it!

She is definitely showing the signature Mackie style with the glitter and even some beading. Her wings can are poseable due to the wiring around the trim of the wings. This is a great addition as you can do different poses like have her wings surrounding her.

We must warn you that this doll has a lot of glitter, so be careful not to get it all over you and your furniture! And the best thing of all….NO GLUE IN THE HEAD!! Yes, they did not put any of the icky glue substance in this doll. Yay for that one! 😉

She is still available on Barbie Collector, here’s the link:

Here’s the Review:

Remember she is the LAST Bob Mackie doll so we would say to snatch her up quick. This is must have to anyone who love fantasy dolls and for those who like to collect all of Bob Mackie’s dolls.

So what are your thoughts for this doll? Are you planning on getting her? Do you agree with this being the doll to end the series?


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