Nintendo Direct 2.13.2014 – Review



So I just watched the Nintendo Direct 2.13.2014 and I must say…meh! Come on, we have seen better reveals than this Nintendo…and this one was not it. I will go over just a few games as most are not worth it (in my opinion.


Nintendo started off with a new trailer featuring Lil’ Mac from the Punch Out series. This was a great trailer to showcase the character’s abilities, however we would have loved to hear a release window this time around instead of “coming in 2014”. They showed one great game currently titled “X” for the Wii U. This is created by Monolith Soft (same company that created the Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, great game by the way!). They showed an uncut version of battle gameplay which was just amazing to watch. I cannot wait for this game to release….sometime in 2014. Yes this seems to be the main theme for Nintendo. Oh well, we can only hope to hear more on the game before E3 in June *fingers crossed*.  You also have the sequel to Bayaoetta  which if you look at it…ooookaaay! I mean it’s only on the Wii U, that says a lot right there. No other system wants the game. But again….it will release “later this year in 2014”. Nintendo also showed a pretty cool addition to the Virtual console: GameBoy Advance game on the Wii U. This just shows us that they can add something to the virtual console that I’m sure all of us can agree on…Pokémon. Nintendo should just release all the older Pokémon for the Virtual console. That would really sell. You can expect the GameBoy Advance game in spring for…you guess it…2014.


They showed us the new Yoshi’s New Island for the 3DS. This game looked fun and reminded me a lot of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. This was a pleaser lol. This game comes out on March 14, 2014. Mario Golf: World Tour is scheduled to release on May 2, 2014. This game looks to be boring as hell…but that is just my opinion. Then they showed the new 3DS Kirby game called Kirby: Triple Deluxe…which we are not into. It looked decent but honestly other than a few features, there was nothing great about it. Kirby: Triple Deluxe will release May 5, 2014. Mario Cart 8 looks to be a fun game to play with friends…but you would have to find someone who owns a Wii U to play online. Mario Cart 8 releases on May 30, 2014.

Let’s hope that the next Nintendo Direct will show the new Pokémon for the Wii U. Here’s hoping for Pokémon Stadium U….or something like that. Hey, one could hope right?? 😉

I know there was plenty more to go over in the Nintendo Direct. So here’s the link for you to watch:

Please tell me your thoughts on this month’s Nintendo Direct. Do you like what’s being released? What would you have wanted to see?




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