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The Last of Us: Review


Let me start off by saying Naughty Dog has done it again! From beginning to end, this game had it all. There was a great balance of drama, action, and even humor as well. But what can you expect from the powerhouse company that gave hits series like Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted and Jax & Daxter! This isn’t your normal action/adventure zombie “Shoot ‘em up” game you guys, this one has depth to it.


                        So without spoiling anything (man this is so hard to do) the story follows Joel as he travels around with a teenager name Ellie to, at first, “smuggle” her outside of Boston. But do to a series of events (see no spoilers) they end up traveling to places like Wyoming and Salt Lake City.  The enemies in the story are not just the Zombies, but normal humans and boy…are there plenty of them. lou 1  You will run into bandits, scavengers and even the rebellion group The Fireflies. You will also fight against mutated fugal zombies (that just sounds nasty). Here’s a hint for you…There are four types or stages to fight: runners, stalkers, clickers and bloaters. The bloaters are the most aggressive and dangerous, so stay FAR FAR away and hit them with Molotov cocktails and use shotguns.


The gameplay is your typical 3rd person action adventure/shooter. It has great stealth moments in the game, if you choose to do this…however I didn’t and had to fight my way through hordes of zombies and bandits every time. Be very cautious of your ammo as it is VERY scarce in this game. You are able to you bottles, bricks, bats, axes and more for you melee battles. media_xl_5939990 Sound attracts all enemies so be careful not to run through this game like a mad man or woman, it will get you killed.


This game looks good…I mean really good. The attention to detail for this game is astounding. From the actual gameplay to the cut scenes, nothing has a short cut what-so-ever. I even made sure to see if there were any glitches in the game (like phasing through walls, suspended in limbo, etc.) but did not find any at all. Please let me know if you find any at all, because I didn’t. Now as for the cut scenes – Amazing and it wasn’t too many to take away from the gameplay. the-last-of-us-e3-2012-433x243 It was conveniently placed and pretty much kept you excited to continue. Come on, we’ve all played those games that took you out of that mind set to kick ass…like long cut scenes (I’m looking at you Metal Gear Solid 4…yeah…called you out!). And I would like to say great soundtrack…bravo to this as it can really take away from the game.

Overall this game is a great buy and I hope you all decide to pick this game up. It is worth picking up now. Don’t miss out on the story of Joel and Ellie (who I still think looks a lot like Ellen Paige regardless of the changes to her image). I can really see why this was a highly anticipated game, from start to finish you get you fill of zombie goodness. So have at it zombie lovers and pick up you copy of this game today and tell me what you think about it! Do you love it or hate it? I look forward to hear from you all!