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Xbox Reveal Review

xbox-one-family-mid630      So after just watching the Xbox Reveal, I must say that I am not that impressed. I took way to long for Microsoft to get blu ray, but at least they have it now. This is one of the few things that Sony had over them. Not to see how this will change the game. They did not say that the games are on blu ray discs, we must wait for a confirmation on that. The Xbox One (odd name considering this is the 3rd Xbox) looks like a hybrid between a PS3 and the latest 360. Plus it looks more bulky, which is a huge back step if they JUST scaled down the 360. Wi-Fi is also included with the system, same as the current Xbox Slim. Lovely the option to browse the internet while watching a movie. People with short attention spans will love this feature very much.

The controller is nice, seems like they finally listened to the consumers and decided to change the d-pad. And the Xbox logo is moved to the top of the controller. But from what Microsoft was explaining you won’t even need the controller when you watch TV (yes you can switch to your regular tv show through the system). You can also turn on the System just by speaking “Xbox On!”  The system will then go to your profile awaiting your next command. But I wonder how this will work on say a family household. Will your kids, wife, husband, etc. be recognized to play through your profile or will they be prompted to create a new profile? These thing should be explained in more detail.

The new Kinect looks bulky…no…block-y…? From what was shown, then Kinect is very responsive. But so was the current Kinect. I’m guessing it depends in the placement of the Kinect and the lighting and all of that mess huh. Microsoft stated that the Kinect have so many new additions like better cameras and more. Will we get to see it in action during E3? Hope so, because this can be great way for Microsoft to take away the gimmicky feel of the current connect. I mean we can only play Dance Central so many times before we are like “Is this it?”

There were hardly any games shown. It was more like “Hey guess what we will be working on in the future?!” But with E3 right around the corner, I can see why they will wait to talk about games until then. They did show the new Call of Duty Ghost game, which looks very sleek, Can’t wait to play that one. FIFA looks amazing. I don’t really care for any other sports game around. Bit note they will be including Fantasy Sports to it as well. Forza Motorsport looks pretty darn good for the first racing game for the new system.

Oh and let’s not forget the Halo TV series that is in the works…with Steven Spielberg!! That was a shocking thing. Guess they game up on the constantly canned Halo movie huh? Wonder ho the jumping will look in the TV series? Maybe they will use a lot of Bullet Time effects for it? Hmm…

Over all we got to see the system, which is more than we can say for Sony’s PS4 (the controller only…really Sony…REALLY!) and We can wait to see what’s in store for the launch of the system. We look forward to E3 to get more info such as release date, price, storage space and confirmed launch titles. As of now the Xbox One will be purchased a little after the launch as there’s nothing that screams “Buy at launch!” to us. But that might change after E3, so who knows.

Well, we will be posting more about the Xbox One and all things video game related during E3 in June. Until then, take care!

Mike and Elio