Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (Mid Season Review)


This is our mid season review. We are on episode #14 now and just wanted to talk about what we think of the anime so far.  We are watching this anime of which is a perfect place to watch simulcast anime as well as older anime. So without any spoilers (if you haven’t seen it so far) here we go.



The story centers around mainly 3 people: Alone (reincarnation of the God Hades), Tenma (The Sliver Pegasus Saint) and Sasha (reincarnation of the Goddess Athena). This is happening during the first Holy War in the 18th century, I believe around 200 to 250 years before the original Saint Seiya storyline.

So far we had drama from the 1st episode, with Alone realizing, thanks to Pandora, that he’s the the “perfect vessel’ for Hades. With Temna, he unlocks his power known as Cosmo, and saves his village from a flood and sets off to become a Saint of Athena. Flash forward 2 years and everyone is in their rightful place….which bring us to the other Saints.

There are 88 different Saints in this anime however, we have not seem them all…as of yet. So far the Saint that I like the most is Pisces Albafica and Virgo Asmita. Pisces and his Blood Rose move is amazing.  But anyway,I won’t go into any more details on the story without spoiling anything. The spoilers and recaps will come after the the overall review of this anime.

The animation is wonderful. I love the coloring and backgrounds when the Saints uses their powers, very Sailor Moon transforming. The music is so fitting to the anime and really sets the mood for each scene. The opening title sequence is sung in English and is VERY catchy lol and the ending sequence is very calming for the action and drama that is in the anime.

Well, back to the anime. I will be back to do a full review of this anime. Until then…later!! (Mike)


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