Watch “Jem: The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS doll review” on YouTube


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  1. I always had a crush on JEM as a kid which is the only reason I watched her on TV, & I’m surprised the dolls are making a comeback. I just find it bizarre that JEM & The Holograms are produced by another company other than Hasbro. I don’t understand why didn’t a multi-million dollar toy company that got it’s own cable network manufacture these collectibles itself. It’s just sort of odd but it’s my minor nitpick. Oh well.. in any case, thank your for your review; it was informative, I’m pleased to see an 80’s crush making some form of return cause I’m sure everyone like me misses JEM & I’m very sure I’m not the only one who had a crush on her. 😀

    • I think the reason why Hasbro did not make the dolls is because Integrity Toys is known for some of the best and highest quality collectible dolls. Maybe Hasbro will make a playline version of Jem dolls. I am happy you liked my review. Thanks 😀

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