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DMC: Devil May Cry Demo Review

So I just tried the demo for DMC on the Xbox 360. As you don’t really get a feel for the story (they kind of just throw you in some random part) I really wasn’t expecting a in-depth part. I consider this demo more along the lines of “learn the weapons, button placements and combos before the game releases”.

One thing that sparked my interest are the combos…damn, I actually like them. The fact that you can switch weapons on the fly like that (like previous games) seemed more fluid than before. But I will say that juggling the demons while trying not to get hit to get your “S” rank is hard, but you will get the hang of it.

The random chick with a star (is that what that was?) on her forehead seemed annoying even for a demo. And I’m preparing myself to see that character cosplayed at cons lol.

I didn’t like the Silent Hill-esque vibe with the environment. It seemed a little out of place. Yes there was some of that going on in the previous games, but damn… I thought a little girl was going to come out and tell me that I was going to die because I turned 18 (Silent Hill reference).

The music, when not in battle seemed decent. But this “high octane” wannabe rock music seemed forced this time around. It may work for some, but not for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still get the game. This is JUST a demo. Maybe things are different. I have liked the series before. Maybe this emo Dante will be bad ass enough to say “Well done Twilght Dante…well done!” (Mike) 


Assassin’s Creed 3 (PS3) Review

I was going to try to do a video review for this game, but the camera screwed up (time to get a new one) lol! It took me about 21 hours to beat the game (just going through the main story, no side quests) which is pretty decent for an action adventure game. Please note that I played this game of the PS3.

Without spoiling much of the story, here are some of the key points of the game that stuck out.


  • Follows up right where Revelations ended – Which is good.
  • Character Named Haytham (which you think he’s an assassin…nope…Templar)
  • Then you start off with a boy named Ratonhnhaké:ton, but he’s later named Connor. He’s voice by  Noah Watts (which is actually a native American)
  • Turns out the boy ends up looking like Taylor Lautner from Twilight – but there’s no sparkly vampires in this game kids….
  • In between the story of Connor, you come to the present for Desmond’s story and find keys to unlock more parts of the temple.
  • You end up speaking to Juno ( which is Hera in case you didn’t know)
  • She tells you more about the 1st civilization and their plot to save the world.
  • Minerva comes out of out where and throws a wrench into the plot (where….play the game to find out lol).
  • Fast forward to the end – It just makes you wanna punch someone in the face…..but you might be excited for the next game.


  • As beautiful as the game looks, this shit is buggy as hell.
  • They need to release a patch to fix it. – Too many times have I run through walls, fell through the ground, and couldn’t kill my target because of me pulling some shadowcat shit and phasing through my mark.
  • The sound is pretty good.
  • Water is so pretty.
  • The horses look like late PS2. Why did the horses look better in the 1st game?
  • The weather changing was a nice touch to the game.


  • The combat has been completely redone for this game.
  • You can no longer hold R1 and square or triangle to counter. Now you have to time everything just right.
  • And it’s pretty much your axe against their MANY guns. But if you can stay close to them, then the enemies cannot shoot, they will use the dagger part of the gun against you.


  • I have not gotten a chance to play the Tyranny of George Washington yet.

Side Missions

  • You only get to meet other historical people, nothing to jump up and down for.
  • The Naval battles where pretty fun.
  • Killing the animals was…weird.
  • They only mentioned Altair and Ezio like once.
  • There’s no tombs ANYWHERE – which I found odd since you have Achilles mentioning that there were other assassin’s but they all were killed….So we have nothing….we know nothing about them? No homage, tomb, picture…book…postcard? Damn

Overall I would say if you own all 4 of the other games, then get it. Otherwise, just wait until it goes on sale around Black Friday for $35! (Mike)